The Auto Spa, Kerrville Tx

Texas hospitality doesn’t get any better than at “The Auto Spa” in Kerrville, Texas. With the most personable owners and a Belanger Spinlite installation by Rider Rider Wash Systems, Kerrville has a state of the art car wash in their community. Rider and Washlink Systems installed a complete Washlink package including a Saleslink POS to create a technological super wash. When in the hill country of Texas, go to Kerrville and give “The Auto Spa” a howdy.


Bush Car Wash #6, Walla Walla, Wa

Bush 6 employees.jpg

Washlink Systems welcomes Bush Car Wash’s sixth location in Walla Walla Washington. We’re proud to have their total chain of washes as a long time Washlink Systems customer. All the Bush Car Washes use our complete catalog of state of the art Washlink Systems products and Saleslink applications. When visiting Eastern Washington trust us, visit Bush Car Washes, you’ll be thoroughly impressed.

Washlink Systems Products used by Bush Car Wash's

  • Washlink Controller with 72 functions including Washlink Systems Director

  • Washlink MCC

  • Washlink Open Bed detector

  • Washlink Anti-Collision

  • Saleslink, POS (complete)

  • Salelink 15" sales terminal

  • OpenEdge credit card clearing including EMV reader

  • Saleslink replication

Davey Crockett, Fred Thompson now Tietgens Turbo Wash

Lawrenceburg, Tennessee the home town of Davey Crockett and senator and actor Fred Thompson are the Tietgen Family Food Stores. Now the Tietgen family, owners Todd, Mark and Jeff have expanded into the car wash business and have built their first express car wash. With the help of H20 Solutions team, they built a state of the art car wash, second to none in their area.

This also was H20 Solutions first installation of Washlink Systems equipment. With H20 Solutions and the Washlink Systems installation team, the Tietgen family now have one of the most sophisticated washes in the south. If you want a car wash of your own and are in the Nashville area, Washlink Systems highly recommends you contact Jeff and Justin Allen of the H20 Solutions team for advice.

Below is a list of some of the equipment H20 Solutions recommended and installed.  

  • 2 X Unitec Portal Ti Pay Stations
  • 3 X Barrier Gates
  • Washlink MCC
  • Washlink Controller
  • Washlink Gate Controller
  • Saleslink Modules
  • 10" Touch Screen Express Terminal, Cash Drawer, Wireless Bar Code Scanner and Biometrics
  • And much more


No gambling here in Las Vegas!

Looks to the Washlink Systems team that Quicky Express Car Wash, Las Vegas, Nevada is a sure thing, we're betting on them. Owner CJ Cox and team have developed, built and operate an incredible express car wash located in the desert. We at Washlink Systems are proud to have an integral part of they're success.  

Quicky Express Car Wash

The Washlink Systems team and installers from AutoMate build and installed the following equipment.

  • Complete Saleslink System and Modules
  • Saleslink Express POS Terminal
  • Saleslink Voyager handheld POS Terminal
  • Barcode Scanner, Biometrics finger print reader,
  • OpenEdge EMV compliant credit card reader
  • Unitec Sentinel pay stations
  • Washlink RFID antenna's
  • Washlink Barrier gate with arm
  • Washlink Motor Control Center
  • Washlink Equipment Controller
  • Washlink Gate Controller
  • Washlink HMI

Wizard Car Wash, Lexington, Tennessee

Wizard Car Wash

Located in the lush Mississippi Valley is the small town of Lexington, Tennessee. In that small town is a BIG and popular In-Bay-Automatic and Self-Serve car wash. With the success of their In-Bay-Automatic and Self-Serve washes, Wizard stepped up and built a 65foot tunnel attached to their existing wash. Again Washlink Systems was asked to automate the wash with both Washlink and Saleslink equipment.

National Car Wash Installation Services and Washlink Systems team partnered installing the following equipment.  

Chief installer (Kevin) shows Thomas (Owner) the features of the Unitec Portal Ti+

Chief installer (Kevin) shows Thomas (Owner) the features of the Unitec Portal Ti+

  • Complete Saleslink System with Modules
  • Saleslink Express Terminal (remote location)
  • Washlink Anti-Collision
  • Washlink Accu-Pulse
  • Washlink Open Bed Detector
  • Pedestal mounted HMI
  • Washlink Gate Controller
  • 1 Unitec Portal Ti+

If you’re traveling between Memphis and Nashville Tennessee on I-40, take the Lexington exit and get that vehicle cleaned at Wizard Car Wash.