The Auto Spa, Kerrville Tx

Texas hospitality doesn’t get any better than at “The Auto Spa” in Kerrville, Texas. With the most personable owners and a Belanger Spinlite installation by Rider Rider Wash Systems, Kerrville has a state of the art car wash in their community. Rider and Washlink Systems installed a complete Washlink package including a Saleslink POS to create a technological super wash. When in the hill country of Texas, go to Kerrville and give “The Auto Spa” a howdy.


Time for an update

Corwood Car Wash in Dublin, CA (as well as Washlink Systems) believed that they were in need of a serious update to their wash. We're there to accommodate their request. Not only did we add new controller and HMI but we added a complete Saleslink POS. If you need your car washed while in the East Bay area Northern California please visit Corwood they're your guys. 

Corwood's old controller

New Washlink Systems 32 function controller

We love creating a pile of junk of old equipment. Out with the old and in with the new. 

The old push button box was replaced with a new LCD HMI.