Bush Car Wash #6, Walla Walla, Wa

Bush 6 employees.jpg

Washlink Systems welcomes Bush Car Wash’s sixth location in Walla Walla Washington. We’re proud to have their total chain of washes as a long time Washlink Systems customer. All the Bush Car Washes use our complete catalog of state of the art Washlink Systems products and Saleslink applications. When visiting Eastern Washington trust us, visit Bush Car Washes, you’ll be thoroughly impressed.

Washlink Systems Products used by Bush Car Wash's

  • Washlink Controller with 72 functions including Washlink Systems Director
  • Washlink MCC
  • Washlink Open Bed detector 
  • Washlink Anti-Collision 
  • Saleslink, POS (complete)
  • Salelink 15" sales terminal
  • OpenEdge credit card clearing including EMV reader
  • Saleslink replication

X-Press Tunnel CW, Tasmania Australia

Washlink team leader Mike Jensen traveled to X-Press Tunnel Car Wash, located in Tasmania Australia to install another Washlink System down under. We're proud to be a company that travels the world installing some of the most technical car wash systems in our industry. Are you aware we have car wash equipment on every continent in the world.

Mike installed the following equipment at X-Press Tunnel. 

  • Washlink Systems MCC
  • Washlink Systems 48 function equipment controller
  • Washlink Self Serve money manager (Coin counter)
  • Saleslink Director including the full suite of Saleslink software
  • Saleslink Express Terminal
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Biometric reader
  • Cash drawer
  • Unitec Sentinels with Saleslink intergration

Time for an update

Corwood Car Wash in Dublin, CA (as well as Washlink Systems) believed that they were in need of a serious update to their wash. We're there to accommodate their request. Not only did we add new controller and HMI but we added a complete Saleslink POS. If you need your car washed while in the East Bay area Northern California please visit Corwood they're your guys. 

Corwood's old controller

New Washlink Systems 32 function controller

We love creating a pile of junk of old equipment. Out with the old and in with the new. 

The old push button box was replaced with a new LCD HMI.

2018 ICA Show Las Vegas

All we can say is WOW what a show! Thank you everyone for visiting our booth, we appreciate your interest in our products and services and hope you consider Washlink Systems for your car washes needs. And for our existing clients, thank you for your continued support and hope to see you again soon. 

(left to right) Jay Japka, Mike Jensen, Andrew Davies, Steve Homan. 

Ogden Utah, hot bed of car washing

 Elite Car Wash, Utah

Cody Hart is learning the how to use Unitec software that  intergrates with Saleslink.

Washlink Systems welcomes a new member to our family. We welcome Elite Car Wash’s Cody Hart and his family to our family. Elite has build a state of the art facility in Ogden, Ut on 12th St. using all Washlink and Saleslink equipment.

Elite Car Wash is built for high volume. With three pay stations and a highly trained staff, processing high volume of cars should be a easy. With competitively priced Unlimited packages powered by Saleslink, Eilte car wash should be a power player in the car washing business in the Salt Lake City area.

  • Washlink Systems MCC

  • Washlink Systems equipment controller

  • Washlink Systems Open Bed Detection

  • Washlink Systems Gate Controller

  • Saleslink Director including the full suite of Saleslink software

  • Saleslink Express Terminal

  • Saleslink Voyager Handheld Terminal

  • Barcode Scanner

  • Biometric reader

  • Cash drawer

  • Open Edge card processing w/EMV reader

  • 3 Unitec Sentinels with Saleslink intergration

  • 3 Unitec RFID reader's integrated to Washlink Gate Controller