Tietgen Turbo Tunnel

Davey Crockett, Fred Thompson now Tietgens Turbo Wash

Lawrenceburg, Tennessee the home town of Davey Crockett and senator and actor Fred Thompson are the Tietgen Family Food Stores. Now the Tietgen family, owners Todd, Mark and Jeff have expanded into the car wash business and have built their first express car wash. With the help of H20 Solutions team, they built a state of the art car wash, second to none in their area.

This also was H20 Solutions first installation of Washlink Systems equipment. With H20 Solutions and the Washlink Systems installation team, the Tietgen family now have one of the most sophisticated washes in the south. If you want a car wash of your own and are in the Nashville area, Washlink Systems highly recommends you contact Jeff and Justin Allen of the H20 Solutions team for advice.

Below is a list of some of the equipment H20 Solutions recommended and installed.  

  • 2 X Unitec Portal Ti Pay Stations
  • 3 X Barrier Gates
  • Washlink MCC
  • Washlink Controller
  • Washlink Gate Controller
  • Saleslink Modules
  • 10" Touch Screen Express Terminal, Cash Drawer, Wireless Bar Code Scanner and Biometrics
  • And much more