Bush Car Wash #6, Walla Walla, Wa

Bush 6 employees.jpg

Washlink Systems welcomes Bush Car Wash’s sixth location in Walla Walla Washington. We’re proud to have their total chain of washes as a long time Washlink Systems customer. All the Bush Car Washes use our complete catalog of state of the art Washlink Systems products and Saleslink applications. When visiting Eastern Washington trust us, visit Bush Car Washes, you’ll be thoroughly impressed.

Washlink Systems Products used by Bush Car Wash's

  • Washlink Controller with 72 functions including Washlink Systems Director

  • Washlink MCC

  • Washlink Open Bed detector

  • Washlink Anti-Collision

  • Saleslink, POS (complete)

  • Salelink 15" sales terminal

  • OpenEdge credit card clearing including EMV reader

  • Saleslink replication