Support Options

Washlink Systems is excited to welcome you into our family of professional and dedicated car wash owners and operators. Washlink Systems (WLS) has put every effort into providing you with a product that is easy to operate and even easier to maintain. We offer three levels of support to assist you with the management and maintenance of Washlink Systems products.

Basic Support

Premium Support

Pay As you Go Support

Contact the Washlink Systems team so we may help you determine which support option is best for you. Contact 408-924-0808 or email us directly to speak to a WLS team member.

Support Details

In all cases, our team is available to you by calling 408-924-0808, submitting a support form or email directly. Phone calls are handled with the same response times, however in cases of emergency and you are either prepared to use WLS Pay as You Go or are a Premium Support client, we recommend that you call us directly.

It is important to point out at that all of the three Washlink Systems support options available (Basic Support, Pay as You Go and Premium Support) entitle you to the same technical expertise and high quality of service. Other than the costs outlined above, there are no hidden fees or additional expenses related to resolving your issue over the phone. Please understand, however, that non warranty hardware replacements and/or returns to WLS for repair and/or service are handled on a case by case basis, and all associated costs will be billed outside of any support agreement or plan.

As always, should you have any questions or comments, or if you have a specific need for support that has not been addressed by our options, by all means please contact us. We are here to help, answer questions and to work with you; we welcome the opportunity.

Washlink Systems Contact Information:

Phone: 408-924-0808
Fax: 408-519-6225

 Mailing Address:
 Washlink Systems
 18805 Adams Court, Bldg #110
 Morgan Hill, CA. 95037 USA
 ATTN: Technical Support Team