Premium Support

For those customers who wish to speak with the next available team member, we are proud to offer our Premium Support plan; an annually renewed pay-for service that, among several other benefits, ensures a faster response time with extended contact hours.

Premium Support Hours:

Weekday Business Hours: Mon - Fri 7am – 6pm PST
Emergency Weekday Hours: Mon - Fri 5am – 7am, and 6pm - 8pm PST
Emergency Weekend Hours: Sat 5:am – 8am
* See the Premium Support Fine Print note 1 for a definition of an “emergency.”

As a Premium Support client, in addition to a better response time, we are able to offer you “Emergency Hours”. These are extended hours that enable contact with us, for the purposes of helping you solve your emergency*.

Premium Support clients are also entitled to software revisions. Washlink Systems is always innovating, adding new and more powerful features to its software suite. As a Premium Support customer, you will receive these updates free of charge*. Please contact any Washlink Systems team member for further details, requirements and pricing.

*Premium Support Fine Print:

  1. An “Emergency” is defined as not being able to wash cars, and/or not being able to process sales transactions via “Saleslink”, the WLS point of sale system. All other issues are not considered emergencies and therefore will not be responded to within Emergency Hours. However, they will of course be handled in order of receipt during Premium Support weekday business hours.
  2. In order to receive software revisions and uninterrupted technical support per this plan, a Premium Support Agreement must first be in place and all of your accounts with Washlink Systems must be current and in good standing.
  3. For the purposes of receiving software revisions, prior to starting Premium Support, the equipment on the support plan must have the current version of software installed. The time required to bring your system up to date will be billed at WLS’s standard hourly support rate and is considered a prerequisite to this agreement being placed into affect.
  4. After you have been brought up to date, the new agreement will initiate and will take effect from that time forward, on an annual basis.
  5. If you elect to not renew this agreement, you must inform WLS via a written request and will take effect at the end of your paid annual contract.