Basic Support

We realize that you may periodically have questions about your WLS product. We also understand that you may have a need for technical support on occasion. Because we believe communication to be a critical component in achieving our goal of complete customer satisfaction, Washlink Systems is proud to include Basic Support at no additional cost with each and every product sold via our worldwide authorized distributorship, for the life of that product.

With Washlink Systems Basic Support you have access to our friendly and highly qualified WLS Technical Support team. Your technician will answer questions, point you in the right problem solving direction or, if needed, start the trouble shooting process of your WLS product. We simply are not going to ask for a credit card before saying “hello”. As car wash owners and operators ourselves, we understand that often a few minutes of help is all you need to get your question answered. Being forced to provide a credit card before any help is given can be incredibly frustrating. If your issue cannot be resolved with our Basic Support, you will be provided with an understanding of your next step.

Of course, this level of high quality support doesn’t come without a price. As a Basic Support customer, the only price you pay is in response time: We are able to offer you Basic Support on a “call back” basis only, but with the assurance that we will strive to return your call “within the close of the following business day”.

Basic Support hours are:
Weekday Business Hours: Mon - Fri 8am – 5pm PST

For example, as a Basic Support client, if you called in Monday at 3pm, you can expect a return call by 5pm on Tuesday. Similarly, if you called in at 8am Friday morning you can expect a call back by 5pm the following Monday evening.