Tagg-N-Go St. George, Utah

Visually stunning tunnel

WOW what can Washlink Systems say about Tagg-N-Go’s Quinn Allgood and Conner Atkin. These two young men have built one of the most beautiful and inspiring car washes in the southwest. Located in beautiful St. George Utah in the southern portion of the state, the car wash blends seamlessly in with the environment. These two guys did their homework and built an extraordinary car wash. Washlink Systems is pleased to partner with them with a full suite of Washlink Systems products.  

Tagg-N-Go is extremely attractive

Conner and Quinn’s vision of using automation and modern technologies to wash cars is Washlink Systems dream partner.

The Tagg-N-Go team envisions that everyone of their customers will notice the quality and speed of their wash and  purchase an unlimited wash package (requiring an RFID tag(g)) at a super reasonable price. Quinn and Conner with the help of the Automate car wash installation team choose Washlink Systems in implementing their vision.  

3 Unitec Sentinels pay stations with WLS RFID's

The following Washlink Systems equipment and software was instrumental in automating the Tagg-N-Go car wash and fulfilling their vision.  

  • Full Suite of Washlink Systems Software including Saleslink POS
  • 10” Saleslink Terminal including BioMetric reader and Cash drawer
  • 2 Voyager Tablets with printer base
  • 3 Unitec Sentinel Pay Stations
  • 3 Washlink RFID’s
  • 3 Washlink Gate Controllers
  • Washlink MCC and VFD’s
  • 12” Touch Screen
  • And a variety of other equipment

Sincerely from the Washlink Systems team, we wish Conner and Quinn great success and additional Tagg-N-Go car washes.