Consider rain as an opportunity

Steve’s Car Wash Service’s team believes inclement weather is the perfect time to do a major car wash overhaul. So when it rains in Northern Californian Steve’s Car Wash team of experienced car wash installers jumped at the opportunity to upgrade the Morgan Hill Car Wash with a new drying system. 

With the gray skies and rain coming down, Steve, Mike and Bret marched into Morgan Hill Car Wash ready to replace their two old and dated 60HP 2 speed Southern Pride/International drying system with a brand new drying system. Before the day was over and the rain subsided, the team had installed four 60HP Tower Aerodry drying systems driers.

Future improvements scheduled for the next rainy day will include installing a Hanna Water Wizard and a Washlink Systems 32 function controller.

Morgan Hill Car Wash has also purchased a Washlink Systems Saleslink point of sale system to be added to their gift shop to sell car washes and gift shop merchandise.

Modernizing your car wash doesn’t have to painful as proven by the Steve’s Car Wash team. By using inclement weather as their scheduled installation date, the update can be performed while not impeding on business since it isn’t condusive to car washing.

Contact us to investigate how we can accomplish the same thing for your car wash.