Traditional Equipment Controller

The Washlink Systems equipment controller is simply the best equipment controller in the car wash industry. Proven industrial PLC technology combined with a easy to use HMI interface provide the car wash operator with unmatched reliability and ease of use at a lower price point!

Features & Benefits:

  • from 16 to 96 functions per enclosure with unlimited expansion. Does not rely on a PC
  • optional washlink windows based director(tm) interface
  • adjust "on the fly" (no shutting down car wash for adjustments)
  • build in warning horn, conveyor and fork controls
  • built in collision avoidance controls
  • built in tire functionality, front, rear or both on all functions
  • built in look back to save on energy and equipment life
  • built in wet down, with daily enabled schedule
  • all functions individually fused with blown fuse indicators
  • industry proven components from siemens worldwide
  • controls all brands of car wash equipment
  • simulated pulse and conveyor auto off feaures
  • hours and days of operation control for added security
  • hand-auto switches for easy testing
  • double pole 15 amp relays for long life
  • oversized wire ways for easy installation
  • corrosion and rust proof enclosure with built in key lock
  • seamless integration with the washlink family of controls
  • ul listed