Collision Avoidance Controller

The Washlink Systems anti-collision controller is simply the best collision control system in the car wash industry. Proven industrial PLC technology combined multiple detection devices provide the car wash operator with unmatched accuracy and reliability.

Features and Benefits:

Collision Avoidance 2.JPG
  • industry proven components from siemens energy and automation
  • built in car counter for added security
  • corrosion and rust proof lockable enclosure
  • use detection device of your choice; photo eyes, loops, wands etc.
  • purchase with or without detection devices
  • external reset
  • isolation relays allow for use of any voltage for:
    • equipment start and stop
    • warning device -- horn, light etc.
    • equipment auto re-start
    • 'exit' and 'go' lighting
  • easy to read information and status screen
  • ul listed