Salelink Express

Washlink Systems Saleslink Express is especially designed for express car washes using  paystations.  It includes the Washlink Systems PC-based programmable sales management system.

Features and Benefits:


  •  All-in-one touch screen, mag reader and receipt printer
  •  Optional Bar code scanner
  •  Windows server/PC with Microsoft SQL database
  •  Uninterruptable power supply


  •  Configurator – easily customizes the POS
  •  Detective – reporting management software
  •  Connector – seamlessly integrates all Washlink systems
  •  Time Clock
  •  MSSQL – industry standard for database management

Optional Modules

  •  Credit Card - allows your choice of banks
  •  Gift Card - supports cash, fleet and wash cards with no per swipe fees
  •  Recurring billing - allows for unlimited wash plans
  •  Chainlink  - multi-site replication
  •  Code at the pump - gas station 
  •  RFID prepay module

Operator Benefits

  •  Simple setup and user friendly management
  •  Full stacker support and control
  •  Integration with any equipment controller with additional enhanced security options
  •  Multiple security levels to define employee access
  •  Import/export functions to numerous third party programs
  •  Flexible customer tracking options