Saleslink Displayer

Washlink Systems Saleslink Displayer brings your on-site marketing to a new level. Now you can create custom HD messages and graphics based on your customers purchases. Designed to work inside the car wash tunnel, a single Displayer will replace multiple signs and upgrade your image at the same time. Promotional, Informational, Sales, and Safety messages can be combined to provide a seamless, professional presentation to your customer.

Features and Benefits:

Logo washlink displayer.jpg
  • custom messages/images based on customer purchases

  • display multiple messages/images for each vehicle

  • add promotional and up-sale messages

  • display safety messages to customers when conveyor stops

  • user defined images, unlimited customization

  • seamless integration to washlink systems tunnel controllers

  • optional interface to virtually any device

  • can work at Conveyor and In Bay Automatic facilities

  • includes pc with remote access for easy updating

  • powder coated steel, stainless steel optional

  • strong clear plastic cover

  • keyed locks

  • water-tight gasket

  • cooling fans with filter

  • 32” LCD standard, other sizes available