Denver CO

ISI WashSoft to Saleslink Conversion

H20 Carwash in Highland Ranch, CO.

The Washlink Systems team was asked by Hayden Shamburger head coach of H20 carwash in beautiful Highlands Ranch, Colorado to convert their dated and unsupported ISI WashSoft POS to our vastly advanced Saleslink POS. We were also asked to add a Saleslink Stacker Controller to H2O's excisting Kesseltronics RTU, improving reliability and simplifying employees ability to stack vehicles.

First project was to update the Unitec C-Start pay station to the most current version.

As the storm rages on, the WLS team works inside diligently converting the ISI system to Saleslink.

Just as we were making major progress on the conversion, a huge spring snow storm hit. While the storm was raging outside the WLS team was inside working on the conversion.

As the storm passed the WLS team was ready for testing.

Coach Hayden deeply involved with training.

Though very challenging, our goal was to use all the existing and previously installed ISI hardware to work with our Saleslink software, saving H2O significant dollars.  Converting the ISI WashSoft system to our Saleslink project consisted of the following.

  1. Installing a Saleslink Stacker to operate in code mode.
  2. Connect the Saleslink Stacker Controller to a Kesseltronics RTU.
  3. Update the Unitec C-Start to the most current software version.
  4. Program the C-Start to allow for upgrades from RFID tag and Rain X or one of 3 full service options.
  5. Get the existing traffic signal working correctly with the controller.
  6. Program the C-Start to automatically close a transaction and print receipt if RFID customer does not buy or upgrade within 30 seconds.
  7. Install Saleslink POS.
  8. Update all excising ISI sales terminals with Saleslink POS.
  9.  Connect all existing printers, scanners and cash drawers to function correctly with Saleslink.

During the storm the controller was being rewired to our high standards. This picture shows what it looked like prior to the rewiring.

Steve trains the H2O staff on how their new Saleslink Stacker works.

Washlink Systems can proudly say we're completely experienced in converting the discontinued and unsupported ISI WashSoft car wash program to a completely fully functioning Saleslink System on excisting ISI hardware. If you are now using an ISI system and are concerned with your future with ISI WashSoft please contact us and we'll guide you through the process of converting to Saleslink.