We love building VFD's

Washlink Systems has been busy building 16 VFD (variable frequency drive) panels all in separate enclosures for a multi billion dollar innovative technology company. We built for them both 50HP VFD and 150HP VFD all in their own separate enclosures.

A variable-frequency drive (VFD) is a type of adjustable-speed drive used in electo-mechanical drive systems to control AC motor speeds and torque by varying motor input frequency and voltage.

VFDs are especially used for energy savings on large electrical motors. The opportunities for energy and equipment ware savings are significant and cost effective.

Washlink Systems uses the most current technologies (hardware and software) to reduce VFD's costs and size making them affordable (for a quicker ROI) for most car washes. The applications for the car wash industry are enormous. Extending the life of any electrical motor and using less electricity can effectively save the car wash owner/operator substantial money. In our current environment going "Greener" makes using VFD's even that more compelling. VFD's are a sound environmental investment.

All our VFD panels are hand built and assembled in our ULXXX and CE certified facility in Morgan Hill, CA.. The VFD's shown are enclosed in corrosion and rust proof and lockable enclosures.

If you're building a new car wash or considering improving your existing  facility consider the long term cost savings and environmentally sound VFD options.