Bulletin regarding Washlink and Windows 10

We’re proud to say the Washlink nation are a bunch of high tech guys and gals, always pushing the car washing world to its technological limits.  And while we here at Washlink constantly strive to meet and exceed that demand, sometimes the “latest and greatest” isn’t.  Such may be the case with your Washlink Server and Windows 10. 

There’s no doubt Windows 10 is the future, and that Microsoft will continue to upgrade and improve this revolutionary platform.  To get you to upgrade, they’re doing everything they can to push you, including constantly nagging you with messages and giving it away for free.  And while this is great as we all move forward, upgrading doesn’t come without risks both in terms of preexisting hardware and software compatibility. 

All latest Washlink Systems software has been Windows 10 compliant since before Microsoft made the operating system available to the public, however that does not mean the versions you have are.  If you have not been a Premium Support customer and/or stayed current with us and our updates, it’s very possible your version is not complaint, and that upgrading to Windows 10 will disable your software!  Don’t misunderstand; you will always be able to wash cars.  Our controllers are not dependent on the computer in any way.  However, you may no longer be able to run and receive reports, to make tunnel configuration changes and process transactions.  If you have any doubts, please contact Washlink Systems support before upgrading:  408-924-0808, support@washlinksystems.com

In the event that you already have upgraded to Windows 10, we still encourage you to contact us; you may have problems you simply haven’t discovered yet, that will no doubt crop up at the worst possible time.  Don’t wait for that to happen.  Our support team can evaluate your system and help you avoid problems before they arise. 

Technology is great, and upgrading to the most recent versions of all software is generally a good idea for security and future compatibility reasons.  However, one must approach a migration forward carefully.  Nothing ever is truly free, and upgrading to Windows 10 is no exception.  While Microsoft might be offering the upgrade for no fee, there’s always the possibility that other financial or functionality costs not immediately obvious.  Please contact us first so we can help you decide if Windows 10 is right for you.  408-924-0808, support@washlinksystems.com

Washlink Systems & Microsoft Windows 10v151010