Steve Homan

Steve Homan

Since 1981, Steve has serviced, repaired and installed car wash equipment. In 1989 Homan founded "Steve's Car Wash Services", a very successful company dedicated to properly maintaining and servicing all forms of car wash equipment, from conveyors to rollovers to truck washes and beyond. Steve also knows exactly what it means to operate a wash; as he's owned and operated a car wash for over a decade

Steve simply knows car washes!

Jason Van Curen


Jason Van Curen has been immersed in the world of automation and industrial controls his entire professional life. For over 15 years, Jason has worked on the leading edge of technology in such fields as hard disk drive media, biomedical, and renewable energy. He got his start as a test engineer, learning the importance of proper test and validation; understanding that in these fields even just 5 minutes of downtime can mean millions of lost dollars. Van Curen worked his way through the ranks, leading a quality control department, into software engineering and system architecture, and ultimately management of engineering teams.

Jason simply knows automation!


Steve and Jason recognized the opportunity in each other's unique experiences and decided to combine their skills. The result was Washlink Systems; a company designed from the ground up to bring today's automation technology to the car wash industry. Drawing from both of their backgrounds, Steve and Jason hand picked their staff to consist only of the best car wash service technicians, installers, automation testers and designers and skilled customer support team members. They both believe that a solid, experienced and an expert team is essential for success. Not only theirs as a company but also for the success of their clients.

Washlink Systems simply knows car washing!


Washlink Systems Team Leaders

Mike Jensen


Mike has been a valuable key member of the Washlink Systems and Steve’s Car Wash Services teams for over 10 years. Mike has well over 20 years’ experience in the car wash industry. He cut his teeth by installing, servicing and maintaining automatic rollover car washes in the Midwest, covering five states.  At Washlink Systems Mike is our Application Engineer installing and maintaining systems worldwide. For Steve’s Car Wash Services Mike is integrally involved with installations and servicing cars washes, again worldwide. We recognize Mike for his knowledge and truly understanding your needs in the car wash industry.

Mike simply loves car wash uptime!

Micah Smith

Micah has over 20 years equipment start up and customer tech service experience in a variety of automation industries. Whether it’s building electrical panels, maintaining VFD’s, designing and drafting electrical schematic’s Micah can do it. With deep experience with Allen Bradley, Siemens, GE Fanuc line of PLCs it’s difficult to find an automation product Micah doesn’t have experience with.  Micah speaks fluent German making him Washlink Systems world ambassador. Micah travels the world servicing, maintaining and training our clients on our systems. With his knowledge and close to 10 years WLS experience he’s been indispensable in the success of Washlink Systems. 

Micah liebt einfach die Automatisierung und Autowäsche!


Washlink Systems Support Team

Jay Japka

Jay photo Edited.jpg

Jay has over 25 of years in the car wash industry. He specializes in the development of computerized automation on the retail side of car washing. Jay was influential in the early days of car wash automation in developing, operational procedures, sales and marketing plans, variety of reporting plans, wash video monitoring, computer networking and customer service tools for a fluid operation. Jay has a very deep understanding of how to operate a car wash efficiently from almost every aspect of operations. With many certifications in computer hardware and software, Jay can fix almost any computer issue you may encounter. Jay is proud to say he’s been involved with Washlink Systems from the very beginning.

Jay simply is a computer and car wash nerd!